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Mask of Sanity

Mask of Sanity is about learning to distance yourself from people who expect to be your cure, and essentially about embracing your faults and darkness before allowing someone else to tell you what you should be doing with your life.

Subliminal Stimuli are an electronic project out of St Louis, Missouri, that Alyx Weaver, or Dr. Aly-X, began from unfinished solo work in the summer of 2021. The group is normally composed of Alyx, a drummer, and a bassist. Most composition is done on a sequencer, and then added to and subtracted from there.

Alyx says, “The idea behind the project is that there are so many subtle and pervasive ways that society has poisoned itself, between the stigmatization of mental health and the glorification of money, greed, conformity. Magic and the occult take a backseat in my work, but ultimately the point I want to make is that humankind is the only animal that ever put so much pretense and effort into destroying itself. I try to tie in themes like shadow work and the divine self in a way that is relatable without prior knowledge of occultism.”

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I feel the air grow close around
so thick that I can't see
I bet you hardly know me now, it's not what I claim to be
I like awake here feeling my agitation taking hold
my wordless thoughts are reeling
I'm left to wonder what I know
I don't know what's trapped inside of me
but I won't ever rest if I don't greet it
I can't face the world as who I used to be
can't quite shake the feeling that they see in me
the voice I hide away
I feel the air grow close around
so thick that I can't see
I bet you hardly know me now, it's not what I claim to be
I have lost my vision
I have lost my fire
now it's just division
did my soul expire?
I'm tired of feeling empty
when I'm with the crowd
and I can see right through you
you won't be why I'm found
and I can tell you when the mask lifts
the visage of normalcy removed
most of the characters I counted on
their loyalty's easily disproved
I won't be dissuaded
I'm living this taboo
and I won't try to sway you
I'd rather cut you loose
I feel the air grow close around,
so thick that I can't breath
and I can see right through you now
don't pretend you love me


from The Hermetic Library Anthology Album - Magick, Music and Ritual 17, released December 2, 2022
Vocals/Lyrics/Sequencer: Aly-X
Bass: Baron Karl Von Kalamitus
Keyboard: Luna Valentinus
Production: Leon Xero


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