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Mary Magdalene

”Now wait a minute,” said the whore of Babylon to the Initiate.

”Is there something wrong?” he asked her.

He paused, unsure what to do next.

”What’s your hurry young master?” she inquired with a smile.

”Enjoy the moment my young friend … for I am yours,” she whispered.

”Love making is rather like playing music or performing a dance,” she said knowingly. She continued, “If the purpose was to get to the finish, then all the notes would be played at a frenzied pace, as if in a race to finish.”

”What would be the point of living life or making love, if the only goal was to ‘get it over with’?”

Life & Love can only be experienced ‘in the moment’. Take the time to enjoy. Remember to breathe. To understand the Awareness of the simple Act of Breathing… is the Beginning to the Understanding of the Mysteries. Breath = Spirit. Spirit = Breath.

Ralph Buckley is a singer/songwriter, musician, magician, and artist who is “originally from Oz (just outside of Seattle…dimensionally speaking).”

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