Faded Green (Viii Hermetic Remaster)
(Shah, Miyoshi, Suzuki)

Originally released on the Low&Slow.Disk, limited edition EP, “Blasting Rod” (BSR-012). Produced by Shah, Miyoshi, Suzuki. Mixed by Yukito Okazaki, Shah, Miyoshi, Suzuki. Engineered and Mastered by Okazaki at Studio ZEN, Nagoya, Japan

S. Shah: guitar/vocal/etc., (Mercury)
Shunji Miyoshi: bass guitar (Sol)
Chihiro Suzuki: drums/percussion (Mars)

Blasting Rod has been active in various guises since July 2006 e.v. The current lineup began performing together in 2013 e.v. when Shah and Chihiro (ex desert rock girls band, Stone Edge) met hermit-like bassist and musical instrument dealer/repairman from the back woods of Toyota City, Shunji Miyoshi (Crowley/ Mee'kawa Heavy Metal Jamboree) at a “Session Day” event where the three were matched up over a period of several months to perform one-off unrehearsed renditions of J.A. Seazer, Flower Traveling Band, Black Sabbath, Primus, The Doors, and so on. After beginning to work together as an improvisational trio later that year, they began to mix Shah's original compositions with improvisation and assumed the mantle of Blasting Rod in 2014 e.v. In 2016 e.v. Chihiro was consecrated as The Office of Babalon with Shah at the Feast of the Gods, and Blasting Rod's first limited edition CD was released on their own Low&Slow.Disk label. The trio has since been performing regularly in central Japan, Osaka, and Tokyo.

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