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Corpo Elipsis

This piece was first conceived as a sound intervention for the art exhibition “Corpo Elipsis” of Pedro Magaña, a contemporary Mexican artist.

The pieces created by Pedro revolve around the concept of Musica Universalis. Following this idea, the sound piece presents different sound sculptures mixed in 5.1 and set to rotate around the art show room, orbiting the physical pieces in the exhibition.

Each sound heard represents a planet and started out as a sample of its most culturally representative occult/mystical symbolism (mars = war samples).

Each sample was then processed through different sound manipulation techniques defined by each planet’s hard scientific data (the orbit defined the sound’s length, among other things).

This results in an aural representation of an alchemical union between the planet’s symbolic ethereal aspects and it’s fixed hard properties.

The piece is also named Corpo Elipsis (as the exhibition) and here presented in a 2.0 stereo mix.

What started out as a more traditional approach to “trying to make it” playing in a band in the music business, has now turned itself into an exploration of that undefined thing known to some as “sound-art”.

I consider myself primarily a cheater with a love for philosophy and an affair with all things occultism and alchemy.

I love to have those two in my bed every chance I get and these experiences (along with some psychedelic ones) have taught me that there might not be a real difference between them... nor art for that matter.

I work and live in Monterrey MX.

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